Typically productions rehearse 3 to 4 times a week, in the evenings. We allow for longer production times to ensure our all-volunteer team of actors and crew have plenty of time to create a high quality show while balancing other commitments.

Stay Tuned!

Watch this spot after our new season is announced for audition opportunities.

A note about our attitude toward auditions: EVERYONE is encouraged to audition regardless of skill level or experience. We truly believe community theatre belongs to the community. So whether you are a paid actor working the Kennedy Center most of the year or haven't been on stage since your 5th grade production of Oliver in 1975 or haven't been on stage ever, take a swing at joining us in our creative chaos. We do ask that you keep in mind most of our shows do not have roles for children. We will specifically note any roles appropriate for actors under the age of 16. We will consider all actors 16 and older.

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