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FTE Spring 2024 Casting Call

Saturday, March 16th 9 am - 12:30 pm

810 Caroline Street, 4th Floor Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Sign up for an appointment:

Audition guidelines:

• Please bring a copy of your headshot and resume, if available.
• If auditioning for POTUS, a prepared monologue is preferred. Please prepare a monologue under one minute that show type and range. Please avoid monologues that are overdone, but ultimately choose something that is well-rehearsed, and you feel most comfortable. We will have cold readings available for anyone that does not have a monologue prepared.
o Rehearsal Dates: TBD April, May, June
o Show Dates: July 12-21
o Call backs: TBD.

• If auditioning for Rocky Horror, 16 Bars (30 second) from a song from a different Show is preferred. Please prepare and bring sheet music in the style of the show that demonstrates your vocal range. An accompanist will be provided. Recommend preparing a song that is not overdone. Recommended musicals to avoid: Les Misérables, Wicked, Chicago, and the Phantom of the Opera.
o Rehearsal Dates: TBD June, July, August, September
o Show Dates: October 4-27
o Call Backs: Call backs and dance call will be scheduled at a later date.


If you can’t make it to the audition and still want to be considered, a headshot, audition form and videos should be sent to  

Audition form:


Please let us know if you are interested in auditioning for Shawshank Redemption – this will be a separate audition.

POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive by Selina Fillinger
Synopsis: One four letter word is about to rock 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. When the President unwittingly spins a PR nightmare into a global crisis, the seven brilliant and beleaguered women he relies upon most risk life, liberty, and the pursuit of sanity to keep the commander-in-chief out of trouble.

Characters: The characters in this play are all female-identifying adults, and may be played by actors of any ethnicity, with the exception of Margaret, who should be in the 30-60 age range and African- American:
• HARRIET – Late 40s-60s. Chief of Staff. A political bulldog who has chosen every aspect of her life, appearance, and personality in service of her career.
• JEAN – Late 20s-50s. Press Secretary. A hawk in a turtleneck. A high-strung, quick-witted woman who can handle any pressroom and sterilize any scandal.
• STEPHANIE – Late 20s-50s. Presidential secretary. Obedient and diminutive, terrified of failure and perpetually on the edge of nervous breakdown.
• CHRIS – Late 20s-40s. A Journalist. Overburdened, under-slept, postpartum, newly-divorced, on the brink of irrelevancy. A dogged reporter with much to gain and everything to lose.
• BERNADETTE – Late 20s-50s. President’s sister. A total trash fire. Strife and mayhem. A coked up tornado with raw sexual charisma, fiery temper, and fantastic sense of humor.
• MARGARET – Late 30s-50s. The First Lady. An impeccable combination of high fashion, corporate experience, and legal savvy. Regal, sophisticated, brimming with bitterness and pent-up rage.
• DUSTY - 20s-30s. President’s plaything. A glowing, curious, sex-positive girl with a multitude of skills and a bright future!



The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O'Brien
Synopsis: One fateful night, Brad Majors and his fiancée, Janet Weiss — a wholesome, well-behaved, utterly normal young couple in love — innocently set out to visit an old professor. Unfortunately for them, this night out is destined to be one they will never forget. A thunderstorm and a flat-tire force them to seek help at the castle of Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter, an alien, transvestite scientist with a manic genius and insatiable libido. Brad, Janet, and Frank’ N’ Furter’s cohorts are swept up into the scientist’s latest experiment. The night’s misadventures will cause Brad and Janet to question everything they’ve known about themselves, each other, love, and lust. A loving homage to the classic B sci-fi film and horror genres.


• Usherette - Supporting. All Genders 18+
• Brad - Lead. Male. 18+
• Janet - Lead. Female. 18+
• Narrator. Supporting. All Genders. 18+
• Riff Raff. All Genders. 18+
• Magenta - Lead. Female. 18+
• Columbia - Lead. Female. 18+
• Frank-N-Furter - Lead. All Genders. 18+
• Eddie - Lead. Male. 18+
• Rocky - Lead. Male. 18+
• Dr. Scott - Lead. All Genders. 18+
• Phantoms/Dancers (4-6) - Chorus/Ensemble. All Genders. 18-50.

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