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by Wendy MacLeod

When Marty brings his fiancée Lesly home for a family Thanksgiving, everyone is thrilled. Everyone, that is, except his twin sister Jackie-O. Their dark and troubled past leads to a visit filled with revelations, new perceptions, and the potential to tear apart a family that's already barely holding things together. 

Director: Chris Stewart

SIP & LEARN: Getting the Dirt on Merlot Wine Class

Did you ever notice the different flavors when you drink wine? Dark fruit? Citrus? Mineral? Those flavors are influenced by many growing factors including climate, grape varietals, and especially soil.


However, everyone tastes things differently. Even if from the same bottle people may say "This Merlot is fruity!" or "This Merlot is tannic!" And they are both correct.

Everyone has their own little crazy when it comes to flavors. So come explore your own little crazy as we examine how different soil affects Merlots from around the world.

March 14th @ 7:00 PM $30

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