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​FTE is committed to not only high quality productions, but also introducing and encouraging active community involvement in our productions. Have a show you've been dying to direct? Want to try your hand at stage managing? Have an artistic itch that designing a set just might scratch? Let us know. Don't be intimidated by the descriptions below. We're looking for enthusiasm, creativity, dependability, and a willingness to work. Everything else can be learned.

Performers - All performers are required to audition in order to be cast in a show. FTE rarely precasts. Auditions consist of cold readings from the show script unless otherwise noted in the audition description.  Rehearsal schedules will be designed to accommodate the time conflicts of working adults and all actors will be expected to arrive on time and ready to work to each rehearsal they are scheduled to attend. No prior acting experience is needed to be cast in a show. Many factors are considered when determining who will be cast. If you are not cast the first time you audition, please come out again. The best role for you may be in a future show! For more information about auditions, click on "Auditions" at the top of the page.

​Director, Music Director, and Choreographer - The director is responsible for developing a unified concept for the production that will guide the decisions of all performers and designers. The director will, with support from the stage manager, run all rehearsals to ensure that everyone involved sticks to the concept. We are also looking for music directors and choreographers as we branch out into musical theater. As we do not have a dedicated rehearsal space, potential directors are encouraged to have ideas for rehearsal space. We also ask that directors have an idea of the show budget.

Stage Manager - The stage manager is responsible for facilitating communication between all members of the cast and crew regarding any details that will effect the actors' performance. He or she will be expected to build and maintain a production binder that includes accurate contact information for everyone involved int he production, blocking notes from rehearsals, and a floor plan. The stage manger will be expected to work with the director to schedule rehearsals around actor's work schedules, and to communicate that information to the actors. The stage manager organizes all aspects of rehearsals and productions, ensuring the stage is set, props are in place, and all cast and crew is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there. During performance, the stage manager will communicate with the lightboard, soundboard, and back stage crew to "call the show". The stage manager will also attend any production meetings and communicate any important information that comes out of those meetings to the actors.

Set, Costume, and Lighting Designers - Set designers will be required to work closely with the director, stage manager, and other designers to bring the director's concept to life. He or she will be required to draft a floor plan and elevations and to meet all deadlines on time and to attend all production meetings on time and prepared. The set designer may double as the tech director and will be responsible for coordinating set construction, set up and strike.


Costume Designers will be required to work closely with the director, stage manager, and other designers to bring the director's concept to life. He or she will be expected to take measurements and obtain sizes for actors when necessary and to communicate that information with others on the team who may be able to help donate costume pieces. He or she will create a costume board with renderings of the characters in their different costumes with swatches where appropriate to communicate with the actors and other members of FTE what qualities to look for as they search for garments.


The lighting designer is responsible for finding out what equipment is available to us in the space we are working in, and how to use that equipment to our advantage. He or she will be expected to oversee light hang and focus and operate the light board during the show.

And more - We can always use more energy and more hands. Smiling faces to run the box office and concessions during shows. Crew members to move set pieces and support actors backstage. Fundraising gurus. Marketing expertise. Web and social media support. The littlest of things - hanging posters, printing posters and flyers, pick up a bag of ice or a box of candy bars - everything helps and is very much appreciated. Send us an e-mail if you'd like to join our creative chaos -

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